Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Move that bus!

There’s a reality show on television where a family who are in dire need of a new home but can’t afford it are sent to Disneyland or some other fun location for a couple of weeks while a whole massive crew of people tear down their old house and build them a new one.  When they return a huge bus is parked in front of the new house when they drive up.  Then, to the shouts of “Move that bus!” from the crowd of helpers, the bus slowly drives away leaving the family shocked and delighted at their first view of their brand new home.  Corny but effective!

Just lately I’ve been concerned with an issue in my life.  Yes, let’s call it like it is…..I had a problem.  I had tried every way I knew to fix this problem and in between my unsuccessful efforts, I felt overwhelmed and defeated.

The more I tried to fix the problem, the bigger it seemed to get.  Pretty soon it was huge and was taking up so much space in my brain and so much of my time it seemed to be the only thing my life was about.

Then one day, that phrase came into my mind……”Move that bus!”……and I realized that it wasn’t my problem that was my problem.  It was the fact that I was staring at the problem day in and day out.  I was staring at the bus instead of moving it.  I wasn’t seeing the solution because I was focusing on the problem.  I had no idea what might be hiding behind my problem.

I needed to “Move that bus!”

When I came to this conclusion, I knew what I had to do but I had no idea what would happen if I did.  I needed to let the problem itself move out of my focus leaving room for whatever solution presented itself or whatever action I needed to take.

I sat quietly and closed my eyes.  I visualized my huge “bus” and on the side I saw in big letters, my problem spelled out.  Then I silently chanted to myself “Move that bus!” and I climbed into the driver’s seat. 

When the bus was moved out of the way, I climbed down and went back to my original place.  I looked to see what was there.  It wasn’t a new house!  But it was a beautiful view of mountains and blue sky and sunshine.  I felt lighter.  I felt less anxious.  I felt happier.

In time, a workable solution did present itself for the issue but I know that just getting my focus off the problem made enough space to allow that solution to eventually appear.  The problem shrank to its true size and I was able to resume my life even without an immediate result.  I felt less anxious and even had a sense of peace.

If you have a problem that seems to be getting bigger and bigger and taking up all of your thinking and your time, try seeing it as a big bus.  Write the problem on the side, then drive it out of your awareness.  Enjoy the feeling of peace and relief you get and trust that the solution will show up.  If nature abhors a vacuum then the space left by the bus must be filled.  Be open to the light and understanding that will flow in after you…..

 “Move that bus!”

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